The New studio album!

Released 16th June 2023, in Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle, Belfast.

Digital release: 18th June, 2023, Father's Day.

In July of 2022, my Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given only months to live.

As Christmas approached, I struggled with what to give him, as a gift. It was suggested that I record some songs for my Dad to listen to, as and when he wanted to. So, I recorded nine songs, to give to him, as his Christmas gift.

However, my Dad's health deteriorated rapidly, and he passed away on the 23rd December 2022. The day before he passed I got to share the nine songs with him.

This album contains those nine songs, along with three additional songs. It is my prayer that each of these songs will bring whoever hears them, a message of hope, encouragement or comfort!

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