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I am a solo Gospel artist, based in Northern Ireland and have been in ministry for over thirty years.

Voted 'Male Vocalist of The Year 2014', at the Northern Ireland Gospel Music Awards.

Back on the road again!

It has been, as many people have said, the strangest of times during this pandemic and to have had to cancel so many bookings over the past year and a half has been both difficult and sad.

However, the manner with which many of the churches throughout this country have rallied to make sure the message of the Gospel was still being heard, whether through streaming or drive-in concerts, was amazing. It was my honour to be able to take part in a number of those events and to share fellowship...even if it was through computer screens and car windscreens! 

Yet I cannot deny that I am excited about being able to walk back into church buildings and concert halls (and tents) and to be part of that beautiful experience of joining with friends and offering praise and worship to our Saviour.

I am so looking forward to seeing friends, old and new, at the bookings that lie ahead, for the rest of 2021 and into 2022.

I'll see you out there! 

New Album 'Servant' Now Available!

My second studio album, entitled 'Servant', was released on Saturday, 6th October 2018.

It is available, now, on this website, and you will receive a link to download it! 

It is now also available, on all digital platforms.


Previous events

Music Video Released - What I Need Is You

Whenever I first heard this song, I was struck by the sheer honesty from the songwriter. 
This song pulls no punches and I know, for me, tells the absolute truth about what and who I need in my life.
Friends, lets be honest, both with ourselves and with each other.
Sometimes life gets tough, sometimes so tough we find it difficult to get to our feet.
Yet...we put on a show of having it all together, we give the pretence that life is great and that we're on top of it all.
But, as this song says, we can fool ourselves, we can fool our friends but we can't fool our heavenly Father.
So, if you are listening to this song and, at this moment, life isn't as you hoped it would be, call on Jesus, as He is what we need.

Psalm 4.

God bless.

The King Is Coming - Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle, Belfast

When I Behold - Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle Church, Belfast

Thought I Carried His Cross - Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle, 21st April 2016

Album Launch - 14th June, 2015

Alex Robb Music now available on YouTube!

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