I made a commitment to become a follower of Christ, at the early age of five, under the ministry of the late Pastor David Ayling, in The Ulster Temple Elim Church.

The year was 1975.

That same year, I performed my first solo in front of a congregation, encouraged by my Sunday School teacher, Mrs. Janet Burke.

'Auntie Janet', as she was affectionately known, was a lady who encouraged me, throughout her life. 

The song I was asked to sing, was Amazing Grace and it still remains one of my favourite hymns.

However, during my years in secondary education, it would be easy to say, that I backslid. I became someone, who was a Christian by name and not by nature.

That changed, in 1986, when, at a youth event in my church, I was challenged about how short time was and how I was spending my time.

That night, I went home and prayed to God, that he would use me. I remember being very specific and praying that I would not just be a 'pew filler' but that God would use me and give me 'something to do'!

I know God heard my prayer, that night, because, just two weeks after that, I was auditioning, to become a member of the Big Umbrella Drama Group, which was part of Youth for Christ.

I have now been involved in Christian ministry for over thirty years, including time spent in The Big Umbrella, Logan and Robb, The Continentals, The Harvesters and now as a solo artist.

Sharing the Gospel in song is my passion and the ministry that I sincerely believe God has called me into. 

It is a privilege to be able to share the Gospel in this way and I believe that there is power in the name of Jesus and that every opportunity should be taken to lift his name high and to tell people of His love and the price he paid, for them! 

I would ask for your prayerful support as I serve Him.

God bless.

Luke 4 v 18